AgPLUS™ is precision agriculture at its best. Our AgPLUS™ system includes four key components.

  1. Data Collection
  2. Weather Stations
  3. Plant Tissue Sampling
  4. Field Inspection

By identifying the most limited yield factor we deliver improved results.

Data Collection

Site-Specific GIS (Geographic Information System) data combined with on-the-ground soil and tissue sampling to give us a full picture including field elevations, differences in nutrient levels, soil types and more.

We collect a wide range of data in fields and field sectors looking at the key variables that go into crop production, factors that affect yields such as field uniformity. We can do this at the “community” level and at the “farm” level. Along with other inputs, we analyze the results and develop actionable recommendations.

We analyze the variability in each field which adds to confidence in decisions about seeds, chemicals and other products used to optimize inputs, reduce costs and increase yields.

Weather Stations

Our exclusive weather stations located at Red Springs and Lumberton give us a top-down view of weather impacts. We use our weather reports to track degree days, irrigation scheduling, and provide planting forecasts , etc.

We analyze 21 components to understand how weather impacts crop yields and apply that knowledge to take the right actions at the right times in the growing season.

Plant Tissue Sampling

Running tests throughout the growing season each year will establish trends and allow for ever-increasing precision and incremental benefits over time.

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Field Inspections

Nothing is more important than to seeing first-hand conditions on the ground and results of actions taken.

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