FCI Products

Dry Fertilizers

Produced in our Parkton, NC, Dry Fertilizer Plant

Custom Blends

FCI has the unparalleled capacity to custom blend any combination of 13 major and minor elements. These blended products are designed for specific soil and crop requirements to help you achieve maximum productivity from your fields.

Our superior capabilities include the industry’s most advanced Precision Fertilizer Blending® (PFB) system, for the utmost accuracy in the content of each blended product. This patented system also has a High Intensity Mixer (H.I.M.™), which provides the most consistent blending possible.

Blended fertilizers are available:

Through our in house delivery system (using our own trucks/trailers)

For pick up in 1 ton sacks and 50 lb bags

Liquid Micronutrient Coated Fertilizers

With our Liquid Micronutrient Coated Fertilizers, each granule of fertilizer is coated with the ideal amount of the right micronutrients for plant growth, quality and yield. The uniform liquid coating ensures more even distribution, and there’s no waste (from dust). Unique at FCI, these customized products are set up for application at our Parkton plant, and the blender spraying system allows better handling and easy application.