Custom Application

The first key to a successful harvest is the practice of good pH management.

Correcting soil acidity by the use of lime is the foundation of a good soil fertility program. Lime does more than just correct soil acidity. It also supplies Ca and Mg if dolomitis lime is used, which are essential plant nutrients. It makes other essential nutrients more available. It prevents elements such as Mn and Al from being toxic to plant growth.

Selecting the right combination of Dry and Fluid fertilizers is a key to “getting it right”. The mix will vary based on the chemistry of the soil and the type of crop. FCI offers both dry and fluid solutions. The use of fluid fertilizers where appropriate allows us to maximize efficiencies using fertigation or drip irrigation for the most accurate placement.


The VRT process first maps your fields. That allows us to take soil samples from sectors throughout your fields.

Sampling options include multiple grid sizes, zones based on soil type, yield or a combination of the two, depending on the level of precision desired. FCI can help you determine the ideal choice for your needs.

The Geographic information gathered by the GPS – along with identification of soil taken from that sector – is programmed into a computer. Then, instead of mixing samples for an overall analysis of your soil, each sample is tested individually.

After crop-specific information for the field or grid is programmed in, the computer generates an “Application Map” indicating the precise amount of soil nutrient additives (lime or fertilizers) needed in each sector. Using the Application Map generated by the VRT system, FCI treats your field, controlling and applying only the amount of fertilizer needed in each specific area.

Applying the optimal amount of fertilizer throughout your acreage helps maximize crop yield while reducing input costs. If you are planting different crops in alternating sectors of a field, VRT makes it easy to tailor the soil nutrients added to each sector.

“The main benefit of this high tech fertilizing system from FCI is getting the correct amount of product in the right location in your field.” – Producer John (“Jack”) M. Buie, Red Springs, NC.

“As gross margins come down, you must do something to offset the risk.” – Producer Earl B. Hendrix, Raeford, NC.

As Applied Records

Slingshot® is a complete precision ag system that combines breakthroughs in connectivity, online services and hardware. We use Slingshot® to create and store records of applications. Repeatable accuracy and real time high-speed Internet access in the field allow us to improve and maximize your results over time.

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