Our Teams

Josh Hunter, Manager, Seed and Crop Protection Products Warehouse; Keith Hedgpeth, Application Service Manager; Alfred K. (Dooie) Leach, Jr., President & COO; Trey Leach, Manager, Parkton Dry Fertilizer Plant; Greg Creech, Manager, Raeford Liquid Fertilizer Plant

Leadership/Management Team

Led by FCI President/COO Dooie Leach, these key members of our staff are responsible for overseeing various facility and service operations at FCI. They coordinate with other sales, service and financial/administrative staff to ensure client satisfaction by delivering the quality products and services that enhance our clients’ operations.

John Leach, Crop Advisor/Sales; David Dycus, Agronomist/Sales; Chad Hodgin, Sales Associate; Aaron Bolton, Sales Manager  

Sales Team

The role of our top-notch sales team goes far beyond “selling.” They work closely with our clients to analyze their operations and select/customize the specific products and services that best serve their needs. Our sales team coordinates with FCI management and administrative/financial staff to help ensure accurate and timely deliveries and meet clients’ budget requirements.

Glenda Hayworth, Administrative Assistant; Danny McGugan, Credit Manager; Sheila Carter, Financial Administrator

Financial/Administrative Team

The members of this all-important team help ensure the efficient and successful operation of our business, as well as the high level of service we provide for our clients. They coordinate will all FCI team members and provide client support in areas such as ordering, deliveries and financial matters.