FCI Services help you record, measure and adjust soil, seed and crop results. As we gather more data over time, our Ag Services will reduce your risks, reduce the cost of inputs and improve your yields and profits.

Precision agriculture starts with data. We collect data from a variety of sources and use that data to improve your decision-making. Coupled with practical information gathered in the field, we can take actions that help you Harvest More.

AgPLUS™ is the backbone of our data collection and analysis.

Precision Soil Sampling allows us to apply the right nutrients in the right quantities in the right places.

Plant Tissue Sampling tells us the status of plant nutrition.

Custom Application tailors nutrients to your field's specific needs

Field Inspections give us the opportunity to visually inspect your crop.

Irrigation Scheduling in conjunction with accurate weather data ensures that crops thrive while water is conserved.

Education: Our meetings inform our growers while our website becomes an effective two-way communication. Let’s Talk!


Accurate and timely analysis of plant nutrition requirements can make a real difference in yields. By capturing data specific to your fields and areas within fields allows us to tailor a nutrient plan that delivers real and measureable results.

Our Services will reduce your risks, and increase your yields and solve production problems.