Plant Upgrade Enhances FCI's Blended Fertilizer Production

At FCI, we have upgraded our Parkton fertilizer plant with the installation of a new, state-of-the art Precision Fertilizer Blending® (PFB) system. Developed by Sackett-Waconia, leaders in the field, this patented system includes the company's H.I.M.™ (High Intensity Mixer), which provides the most consistent blending in the industry. By precision-weighing each ingredient
individually, the system ensures the utmost accuracy, allowing customers to get exactly what they order. Engineered for flexible blending and output, the system facilitates compliance with 4R Nutrient Stewardship goals.

“With our new system, we have enhanced our ability to produce complex, specialty blended fertilizers,” says FCI President A.K. (Dooie) Leach. “It has also allowed us to expand our loadout capacity and improve bagging,” he adds.

At FCI's Parkton plant, the Sackett-Waconia PFB/H.I.M™. System allows for the precision blending of up to nine ingredients – including dry fertilizers with dry and liquid micronutrients. Products can be bagged in 1-ton “supersacks” or in 50-pound bags, using robotic pelletizing. The loadout area is covered, and an on-site truck scale ensures load accuracy.

Why PFB?

Sackett-Waconia's Precision Fertilizer Blending technology provides the crucial link between production of the best fertilizer blend and maximum nutrient uptake. The highly effective blending process essentially produces a new product, created on the basis of crop analysis to meet specific requirements that will maximize yields. Precision blending creates a homogeneous product that provides more even, complete coverage.