We've Got You Covered!

Tired of your crops not producing what you think they should? Spending too much time and effort trying to achieve high yield? If you want to maximize your crops' potential – the easy and effective way – FCI has you covered! With Liquid Micronutrient Coated Fertilizers.

Micronutrients – an essential component of good crop nutrition – may already be part of your feeding program. But current application methods, especially for blended products and powdered coatings, are labor intensive and inefficient, with uneven coverage, dust and product loss.

FCI's Liquid Microntrient Coated Fertilizers offer a highly effective, less labor-intensive solution that can reduce risks, ensure more even coverage and help you realize the best possible crop yield. Each granule of fertilizer is coated with the right amount of the ideal micronutrients for plant growth, quality and yield. Other advantages of these groundbreaking products include:

  • Liquid coating sticks to each granule – no product (or money) lost to dust.
  • Uniform coating and even distribution on your fields – for greater efficiency.
  • Better handling and easy application – they're simply sprayed by the blender in the pumping system. No bags! No dust!

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