FCI fertilizers are customized to your specific requirements. We blend our fertilizers based on the chemistry of the soil and type of crop to ensure you get the maximum productivity from your field.

We bring all the elements to bear to meet your needs.

N  Nitrogen
K  Potassium
P  Phosphorus
S  Sulfur
Mn  Manganese
Mg  Magnesium
Zn  Zinc
Mo  Molybdenum
B  Boron
Fe  Iron
Cu  Copper
Ca  Calcium

We use our knowledge and manufacturing capability to blend the right products to help your Agribusiness reach its profit potential.

Dry Fertilizers:

The Ranco system at our Parkton plant produces both bag and bulk fertilizer. We also have application equipment to apply both fertilizer and lime at variable rate and conventional.

Liquid Fertilizers:

The plant at Raeford produces a wide variety of liquid fertilizers and nitrogen products.

  • Suspensions: where clay is added to make a high analysis fertilizer where a lot of potash is needed.
  • Solutions: a clear liquid; usually a lower analysis of potash; great for burn down or to apply as a top or side dressing because of ease of handling. A nitrogen sulfur solution for wheat or corn or a complete fertilizer solution for tobacco and/or soybeans.
  • Foliar: may be a nitrogen, nitrogen/potash, or add with micronutrients.
  • Micronutrients : iron, boron, and manganese to be added to products to be applied or delivered in minibulk.

New! Liquid Micronutrutrient Coated Fertilizers:

FCI's Liquid Microntrient Coated Fertilizers offer a highly effective, less labor-intensive solution that can reduce risks and help you realize the best possible crop quality and yield. Keep your crops “well fed” and maximize their yield potential.

We have the trucks, tankers, and application equipment to take product to the field as well as apply them.