Crop Protection

FCI is a member of CNI.  CNI is a member owned and operated company headquartered in Leesburg, Georgia.  As a member, FCI leverages CNI’s relationships with national and international crop protection chemical manufacturers to hold competitive supply positions on all major crop protection product lines.

"Where I applied ironman on my tobacco I had very little target spot, right beside it where I did not apply ironman target spot ate me up." Tommy Dalrymple

You’ve got a lot invested in your crop. FCI helps you protect your investment with products that protect your crop from weather, grass and weeds, insects and fungus. We carry a full range of the best in crop protection.

When it’s time to choose the right protection for your crops, choose FCI to ensure you get the right products for the right application at the right time.
We deliver results that help you increase your profits per acre.